Exactly Who Do Our Representatives Represent?

The Wize Old Man reads hundreds of news articles about strip clubs from across the country. Everywhere they are under attack. Shouldn't they represent all the people not just the Christian Extremists who want to stop me from enjoying an adult form of entertainment?

It's obvious that the intolerant have gained control at the local level as well as the national level. Worst, they are voting on ignorance not having a clue as to what a strip club is about.

You can help educate politicians and the media by speaking out and letting them know that fine, upstanding members of the community enjoy the clubs. Let them know that dancers are not whores. Duke University Press has an excellent book titled G-Strings and Sympathy: Strip Club Regulars and Male Desire that at least treats the subject in a non-emotional way. The Author, Katherine Frank, shows how regular visits to strip clubs does not undermine marriage. Each of you are encouraged to read it and then donate it to an elected member of your local government. It's available from Duke University Press and Amazon. If you order it by clicking on the link below..



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