Nevada Brothels

NV Brothels


Prostitution is only legal in a few counties in Nevada.

It is not legal in Las Vegas or Reno.

The Wize Old Man does not support illegal prostitution.

With the ease of air travel, there's simply no reason to not go where it's safe and legal.


Nevada is the only State in the US that has legal prostitution. Prostitutes must work in a licensed brothel and have regular health checks.

Brothels themselves are only legal in certain sparsely populated counties. There is no legal prostitution in Las Vegas or Reno. Story County refers to brothels as "Houses of Ill Fame".

All customers must be 21 or over and free from open sores or discharges. Couples are welcome. You will wear a condom even for a hand job so don't bother to ask.

Most of the brothels will not discuss price and the Wize Old Man would appreciate you lettings us know how much you paid. If you don't want the hassle of having to negotiate, consider Shady Lady Ranch near Beatty which has a published pricelist on their website.

Most of the websites have pictures of the prostitutes that are available at any particular time. Most are very attractive. If you are looking for a courtesan of a specific ethnicity, the pictures are useful. Otherwize, don't base your trip on the pictures. There is a proverb that goes "In buying a horse and taking a wife, close your eyes and through yourself on the mercy of god." Let that be your guide even in the clubs that encourage you to sit and drink with the sex-workers before making a selection. Nervous about picking someone out of a line-up? Don't be. Just pick the first one you like. The others will get their chance with the next customer. No one will criticize you choice. (She's probably wearing a wig anyway.)

They will not care if you are old, fat, bald, married, and hung like a hamster. They will care if you haven't bathed or have bad breath. You are advised to treat the ladies with respect and you'll have a much more enjoyable visit. Sure, they are only there for the money but you probably don't like being verbally abused on your job so don't be a jerk.

Finally, some of the best places are truly out in the middle of nowhere. They are worth the drive, particularly on a clear, moonless night when the view of the stars is wonderful. Just be sure to take a couple of bottles of water and don't run out of gas as can be 100 miles between gas stations!

Shady Lady in Esmeralda County is only brothel that offers a male prostitute for women.

Strip clubs are not brothels. Don't embarrass yourself by confusing the two. -- WOM


Las Vegas area Brothels:


Brothels along US-95 from Las Vegas to Reno

Nevada Whore

 Nevada's whorehouse prositute

Reno/Carson City area Brothels:



Brothels along I-80 from Utah state line to Reno



Other Nevada Brothels

Las Vegas Nevada area Brothels

Pahrump Nevada Brothels

Pahrump has the closest brothels to Las Vegas. About 60 miles from the strip. Fill up before leaving or call for Limo service.


Crystal Nevada Brothels

It's a small town. Cherry Patch and Mabel's are located side-by-side. Either take NV-160  west from Las Vegas and look for the sign between Pahrump and US-95, or take US-95 and turn south on NV-160.

Crystal is about 70 miles from Las Vegas, fill up before leaving or call for a free Limo.


Brothels along US-95 from Las Vegas to Reno

Amargosa NV Brothels



Beatty NV Brothels


Esmeralda County NV Brothels


Tonopah NV Brothels


Mina NV Brothels


Reno/Carson City area Brothels

Fallon Nevada Brothels


Mound House Nevada Brothels


 Sparks NV Brothels


Brothels along I-80 from Utah state line to Reno

Wells Nevada Brothels


Elko Nevada Brothels


Carlin Nevada Brothels


Battle Mountain Brothels

Not sure there are any brothels left in Battle Mountain. A report would be most welcome.


Winnemucca NV Brothels

Winnemucca is on I-80 at US-95 about 1/2 way across Nevada. It's 165 miles East of Reno and 230 miles West of the Nevada/Utah state line. All five brothels and the one gentlemen's club in Winnemucca have the same ownership.


Other Nevada Brothels

Ely NV Brothels

About 250 miles from Salt Lake City, UT. Take I-80 from Salt Lake City to US-93 South.




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US strip clubs listed by State or Territory:



Legal brothels in Nevada.

Brothels are often referred to as a Bordello, Bawdyhouse, Bagnio, Sporting House, Cathouse, House of ill repute, house of Ill Fame, or a Whorehouse.

Nevada Brothels: NV Brothels


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