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Picture of Club Risque strip club at exit 70 of I-95  in Dunn, NC

Outside view from the parking lot.


Club Risque Building October 2014

The Way Club Risque Building Looked in October of 2014


Cafe Risque strip club Dunn NC
Cafe Risque stripclub Dunn NC

47 Gainey Rd. (I-95, Exit 70)

Dunn, NC

(910) 891-5525


Topless strip club.

18 and up.

NO alcohol


No smoking.

Stage, VIP, and private dances. Female dancers.

Everyone welcome

Couple friendly

Biker friendly

Truck parking

Admission: $5.00

Dance cost: $30.00 - $50.00

Drink cost: $3.50/soda


24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

No WiFi

User rating: B



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user reviews:

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09/11 Stopped by while on a bike ride coming down I 95. Place does not look like much from the outside but I was pleasantly surprised when I went in. I had the pulled pork BBQ sandwich and it was really good.

Had a couple of the girls stop and chat for awhile. Very pleasing to the eye. The waitress was the one I thought was the hottest and lucky for me she did private dances. WOW!!! I will be stopping in again whenever I am headed up or down I 95!

Good food, good company, great scenery.


02/11 I read that Haven was a MILF so I had to stop just to check her out. Seems I stopped on the wrong day. She works the weekends either Saturday or Sunday sometimes both. I really hate I missed her this time but I will be back and I'll make sure I call beforehand to see if she's there. I did get to check out the other girls, some pretty, some not, none of them are MILFs in my book, to each his own. If anyone knows her (Haven) please let her know that Michael will be back soon, very soon!! Guys once I find out about her I'll post again .



01/11 Cafe Risqué was a awesome holein the wall the only down fall is the fact that they DO NOT serve alcohol WTF!!! But all in all I really enjoyed myself outta town for two weeks and gonna stop by. If your reading this at least wednesday cuz their a fu#*^ng bombshell im gonna drop some $ on, and oh yes she is sexy with a nice tight butt like all the other girls. The waitress is a friendly 40ish coiger ready to dance for you with her butt showing off all night but strawberry and the on that was working on 1/20/2011 that took my money with her sexy tight butt hope u work before friday cuz I need to see tyou before that cuz im leaaving that ay hopefully see yall soon!! 3 of 5 stars just cause no beer but girls 4 of 5!!!


08/10 I was heading up north on a Saturday and seen the signs and just had to stop. From the outside it didn't look like much, but I decided to stop anyway. I was surprised when I entered. The place is small but the girls are very pretty and nice girls.

There was one Cougar and man she was a Cougar... Haven was her name. This woman has the most amazing skin perfect no flaws. Nice beautiful natural breast. Being the cougar hunter that a am I had to get a private dance. Man, all I can say is WOW. I just couldn't stop with one dance I had to get more from her and yes I was broke when I left but very happy and will never forget the best private dance I ever had. Guys, I didn't get to try any of the girls and I'm sure some of them will give good dances but Haven gives a clean, soft, sensual, dance. I have falling in love and will be back to see her again. Joe 


06/10 I visited the Dunn Cafe Risque on June,13,2010. I stop by sometimes in business travel from home in Virginia.

This is still a nice stop for a meal and good conversation with attractive woman. I'm glad this one is still open being the ones in Georgia closed up unfortunately, Dunn has been a favorite Cafe Risque of mine even when the others were open. Thanks for the company and awesome dances Sassy and Chloe. And I hope its ok to mention this. Happy Birthday Chloe. LOL. All the best and catch you soon. ~Gaston Guy


03/10 Toni Best was a shocker very goodlooking stage performance not up to par but, her private dances fit her last name very classy and suductive! Food was very good I can hardly wait till I stop back through there. The rest of the girls did seem rather bitchy whiny and pushy! In all Honesty so did Toni till she came to speak to me! The differance with Toni was she is pretty and did not complain to the customers. The others where no where near as pretty or nice to the customers! But, DO NOT think for a second that you will get more then a suductive classy lady from Toni!


09/09 Hi I use to work for the cafe risque and although some of the ladies there are very nice and class, character and beauty. You also have disease infested drug addicts!

 Working at the cafe is mostly politics they want employees who will basically lie to authorities, health departments, etc..Whenever you attempt to go above your boss's head your fired! The rule is you cant work there and have a personal relationship with a dancer! Oh unless your upper managment and you have a girl who was fired and wants her job back so she has to do what she has to do! Its degrading just because there dancers doesnt mean they dont have feelings! If they got fired for some fucked up shit oh well they're gone dont make the chick give you some brain and consider giving her job back! When I was there I was respected by the girls and every customer because thats what I expected from them no more no less!

Sometimes the Wize Old Man just wants to screem.

Let me tell you it's all politics from the smallest Mom & Pop store to the Fortune 100. Same with the military. Same with any other organization.

You expected to respected and you call some of the girls "disease infested". You go over the bosses head and you expect to keep your job? Sorry, that doesn't fly anywhere. When you work for someone, you do what they want or you quit. It's as simple as that.

If the boss asks you to do something illegal, you report it but you'll still have to find another job.

Don't like to print reviews from disgruntled former workers but you needed to be told the facts of life. Grow up!



06/08 I am a dancer at the cafe risqué in dunn nc. My name is lynn

I just wanted to comment on some of the things i read on are site

#1. we are entertainers not whores, do not ask us to do any thing you would ask a whore to do!

#2.we have rules for a reason, they are not are rules they are the companys and the states. PLEASE obey them or dont stop in!

#3 we work for YOUR TIPS ONLY. yes private dances are $30 for one song $50 for two but we have to pay $15 dollars a day to work there and $15 dollars every time we do a private dance so that $30, we only get $15 of it. PLEASE be kind!

#4 PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH US. this is are job.

thank u for those who have come and visited and we hope to see many more.
i just wanted to clean some things up with the dos and donts

thank you

love lynn!

Sorry you're not enjoying exploiting men for a living. :-) - WOM


08/08 I passed threw NC and came across this little place and was very pleased I stop and got good food and a great show. I live in NY so The drive was hours and this is better than any place I could of thought of to eat. The girls where ok, The two that stood out was a rocker chick named Swank and a blond sex pot named Sunny. They where both very friendly and out spoken Swank had tattoo all over which made her stand out from the crowd and her pole tricks made her stage time great to watch .Sunny had a awsome body and huge boobs and her smile was so white is was glow in the dark.
This place I would really say to any trucker or someone driveling threw stop and hang out and enjoy because between the food and the show its great .I will stop every time I pass threw. I recommend you stop and see Swank and Sunny.


01/08 Good Afternoon,

I'm writing in response to my January 26th visit to Cafe Risqué. I currently live in Maine and have grown up in the North, Probably not to your liking but... On a recent road trip to Myrtle Beach for a WeeN show at the HOB which was awesome!!, we stopped for a break at Cafe Risqué.

Myself and two of my friends from VA beach had a great time, although short it was very memorable! Yes it's kind of shady but, what do you expect from an off the highway, middle of nowhere nudie club? Boobie Johnson was our first dancer and the best entertainer I've ever seen. She made all of use feel very comfortable with light hearted and flirtatious banter. She made it fun with lots of sexy! Natural and full breasts with great curves and a beautiful smiling face. She makes that place shine. The following dancer Dana?, was more of an emo, not really what inspires the excitable traveler. The prices are high and the place is small but, the location is super convenient to travelers. Good clubs meet you halfway and then move forward as they read there customers and Bobbie Johnson did that like a true professional. We give her an A+ I'm looking forward to seeing more of her. Thank you Bobbie, your the best Jumping Jill I have ever seen. Thanks to WOM for providing a forum for us to express out thanks to Ms. Johnson, she's a diamond in the rough (of Dunn NC).

Thank you,


Thank you for the review. Send us some more from Maine and Myrtle Beach. - WOM


12/07 "Local" means North Carolina? I told them I was from N.C. but still got quoted the $7 cover, not $3. They waived it when I said I just wanted to shop for mags.

Also, they're not supposed to touch customers? One of them slid her hand across my shoulder as she greeted me when I was browsing the mags. Later, when I was paying, "Autumn," before saying anything to me, came up from behind me, unannounced, and rubbed my neck and shoulders from behind, and pressed her boobs into my back. Then she introduced herself and pitched a private dance, which I did not do. While she was conversing with me, another one of their gals came up and PANHANDLED me, "A dollar to help with my school books?"

Blond petite "Dee" was the hottest

You went to a strip club and were offended because the girls wanted money? Did you think they just hang out there for the fun of it?  Seriously don't go to any strip club unless you're going to spend money on the entertainers.

And "local" at Cafe Risqué; or any club; means people who at least have the potential of becoming regulars. If you live more than 20 miles away, you ain't local. :-) - The Wize Old Man


11/07 Just wanted to post an update to Club Risqué. I stopped at the one in GA, and also the one in NC, and the one in NC, although not nude was better by far.

The dancers were much better looking, especially Robbin. She was tall and blonde and built like a Goddess. I have gotten Lap Dances all over the country, and hers was sexy and got me really going. I didn't mind dropping a bit on her before I headed back to I-95.
I had her perfume smell on me all the way to Maine, and it made the long drive alone much better. -- Thanks Robbi, The Boston Guy


05/06 Just wanted to check out your reviews for the cafe. I understand the straps in the private booths are a problem. Well let me just say I know there are a lot of great and respectful men in the world, but there is a lot of men that don't respect women. I have met plenty of men there who you would think are very nice down to earth guys, until you get them in the private booth and then they go a little psycho on you which makes for a bad dance. That makes some of the dancers a little scared. These dancers are not wholes and they really don't won't to be fondle by these men that have problems controlling their hands or any other part of their body. I have to say being a dancer at the cafe is really great. I meet people from all over the US and etc, but when you go into a private booth with these people you really have no clue who your dancing for. Could be a rapist, or even a serial killer, you never who. So having the straps (just for your hands) is great for all the girls and myself. As far as the looks of the girls, you have all different types. They say different strokes for different folks. LOL...Women are Beautiful !!

Thank you, (H) a dancer at the cafe. Come see us again!!

Thanks for the comments. Most clubs handle this by the dancer telling them once to stop and calling the bouncer the second time.  Really don't think that the rule is there to protect the dancer so much as it is to project the club since it takes less monitoring and is cheaper than putting in a buzzer for you to press if you need the bouncer.  -- WOM


10/04 Don't know if you noticed or not, but when your hands are tied to the rail, there is also a camera on you.  what happened to being discrete.?

-- A reader

The WOM noticed. It's difficult to operate a club North Carolina when there are so many people intent on shutting you down and denying people the freedom to have a bit of harmless fun. He takes that as the club protecting itself from those who would bare false witness (lie) to see the club closed. It also makes sure the girls don't break the rules. The WOM didn't like it either; but, he understands why it's necessary. -- The Wize Old Man


 The first (update) is regarding the 3rd shift of dancers (3am-11am). That shift is in fact covered by a topless waitress, who can also give private dances if desired.

 Secondly, I visited the Cafe Risque in Georgia last week. It is in fact full nudity while on stage, and topless for private dances. The private dance prices are the same; however, these dances are the kind where you lay down. The dancer then puts on a pair of special no-slip tight-brief things, and dances on you. Literally, on you.

Dances on you?! Weird. Hope she wasn't wearing the typical dancer 5" spike heels! LOL -- Wize Old Man

The grill and prices are the same for both establishments. I had a reuben sandwich in GA, and it wasn't as good as the cheese steak in NC. (06/04)


05/04 Positioned along I-95, Cafe Risque seems to be a regular trucker's Strip Joint. It offers free showers to truckers, and there are often rigs parked outside. It's a small club, with one "main" room and a smaller alcove with a pool table. There's an ATM there, but trust me, hit another one before you come. The bathroom was decently clean, and looked like it have been recently cleaned.

Health department rating varied from 82.5 to 92.5. Most recent was 94.5 on March 20, 2004. For comparison, the two Burger King's in Dunn varied from 82 to 96 -- Wize Old Man

The club has a cover charge, about $3 for "locals" and $7 for "out of town folks". When I asked what was considered "local", the man at the door says "North Carolina". The club also has a 1 drink minimum, but does not serve alcohol. The cheapest drink, soft drinks, were about $3.50 for a tiny glass. They also have a grill menu. I found the Philly Cheese steak to be surprisingly good. So good I almost asked for another one. Meals run from $7-18 depending on what you get, sides, and of course, drinks.

Since Cafe Risque is a 24 hr. establishment, there are 3 shifts of girls. 11-7, 7-3, and 3-11. I arrived at about an hour before the shift change. I also stayed for the shift change, so I got to see two sets of dancers. The girls generally have cute faces, and so-so bodies. On the whole, I'd say most of the girls were a solid 6. There was 1 girl on each shift were better than the others, and the shifts consisted on 4-5 dancers and 1 waitress who could also give private dances. One girl had stretch marks, and another visible surgical scars. The girls when fully stripped wore a thong, as according to nitpicky NC laws.

Can't dance nude and serve alcohol. Have to check to be sure but there's probably a law about covering the gentiles anyplace that serves food. -- Wize Old Man

As the Wize Old Man might say, there was a sucking sound and it was the money coming from my pockets!! The girls generally won't come and talk to you, unless it's to ask for a dance. Once you DO get a dance, they won't stay and talk afterwards, but instead move on to the next. One or two of the girls also play head games with guys, like talking bad about other patrons (while the patrons were still there!). However, the dances weren't half bad. The pricing is a bit high, with $30 for the first dance (1 song=3 mins.) and $20 for each additional dance with that girl. If you get dances from more than one girl, the first dance price of $30 still applies

The WOM's Helper thinks that's a rip off, but I guess the club needs a cut too. The private dances are in a booth, screened off by a curtain. Patrons must put the hands on a bar, and also be lashed down with straps to avoid touching the girls. Hands on the bar I understand, but the straps are excessive, or just plain kinky, however you look at it. Dancers weren't supposed to touch you at all (but some did, anyways), and the whole dance was on security cameras.

All in all, I'd say the club is not a good value for the cash, and the dancers come across as being a little too money hungry for my tastes. However, if you're traveling I-95 and just need a place to rest for a minute and look at pretty girls, it's worth a shot. And try the Cheesesteak.

First, a big thank you to the person who wrote the above review. The WOM started to put it under reader comments but decided to go ahead an post it as a review

Normally, Cafe Risque wouldn't get a review but a number of people have asked and others have sent in their comments. Probably because their signs are so visible on I-95 it gets noticed a lot What with the state of WOM finances of late any help is appreciated. (05/04)

Back to his reluctance to review this club. Their signs say "We Bare It All" and "Totally Nude Inside" and the WOM doesn't react warmly when he feels he's being scammed. There are six clubs that share the web site, Cafe Risque in Micanopy, Florida, Lavonia, Georgia, Dairen, Georgia, and Dunn, North Carolina. Alone with Cafe Erotica in St. Augustine, Florida and Byron, Georgia. Don't know what relationship they have with each other so it's possible that the Georgia and Florida clubs are nude whereas the North Carolina one isn't.

Wize Old Man's Review and Opinions

June, 2008

Check comments from one of the dancers in the Reader Comments section.


January, 2008

New user comments posted in the Reader Comments section. The Wize Old Man's review is getting dated so it's a good idea to check what more recent visitors have to say.


August, 2005

Club Risqué gets web views out of all proportion. Maybe it's because it's on I-95 and has billboards promoting the clubs from Florida to Virginia. The Wize Old can't figure it out but, since he's constantly asked for a review, here it is.

First the reviews above sent in my readers are reasonably accurate.

The food is good but way overpriced. A burger, fries, slice of pie, and a drink came to over $18.00.

The dancers were just average girls. No great beauties, none that were not pleasant to look at. Friendly as well. One sat with the Wize Old Man while he waited for his meal. No pressure. Good conversation.

No alcohol allowed.

You have to be buzzed in and out. In the WOM understands, but out? They are not so packed that there is any danger of someone slipping out without paying.

The entrance is in the middle of the building, pay the entrance fee and enter the left side of the club. There are 6 tables, a stage with a dozen stools. The stage had about 6 brass poles. The club is well lit. Music is from a juke box and, frankly, it was much better than your typical DJ does. Not only in selection, but also in loudness!

The other half of the public side has a pool table, adult videos and novelties. There were a couple of 18 year olds (at least they looked 18 to the WOM) shooting pool. Nobody was paying much attention the dancers.

The Wize Old Man considers himself to be a gentleman and thinks that certain things don't need to be told to a gentleman. So, when he sees printed literature on the table telling how gentlemen should ask, his first thought is that they cater to people who need to be told. If someone is so ill informed that you believe the entertainers to be whores, telling you ain't gonna change their mind. For private dances, they tie your hands to a rail. Weird. If she trusts the Wize Old Man so little that his hands have to be tied, he doesn't trust her to stay out of his wallet.

Everyone was pleasant. Ample parking even for the 18 wheelers. Truckers get free showers.

Overall, 2 stars.




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