Centerfolds Gentlemens Club, Greensboro, NC

Centerfolds Gentlemen's Club

Chesters strip club Greensboro NC

Centerfolds, formerly Chester's, in Greensboro

Formerly Chester's

2104 Veasley St.

Greensboro, NC

gps: N 36 2' 28", W 79 50' 40" (N 36.040564, -W 79.845002)

phone: 336-323-1555


Topless Strip Club.

21 and over.

Full Bar.

No smoking.

Stage, Couch, VIP/Private, Friction dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone Welcome

Admission: 0

Dance cost: $25.00

VIP: $300.00/half-hour, $500.00/hour

Drink Cost: $6.00/beer

User rating: Excelent





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07/10 Hi Wize Old Man, Chester's has been purchased by a new group and is making a come back. We would love for you to stop by. But more importantly you have the wrong web address listed for us, do you mind changing our address to

Thank you and hope to see you soon,


Wize Old Man didn't have the wrong address, the new owners simply didn't acquire the old domain name. The phone number is the same. The web address CHANGED. The NEW address was only created (registered) on May, 23, 2010. Hardly our error. LOL ~ WOM (7/17/10)


08/06 Dropped in for a quick Bourbon (Wild Turkey, $12.00), couch dance ($25.00) and renewed my membership for another year ($10.00).

Even at 7:30 the parking lot was full. Had to be cars for staff and dancers as there were only a few customers inside. Most clubs don't force the dancers to come in on time and Chester's is no exception. Dancing didn't start until about 8:30. The point is that close parking spots that should be reserved for paying customers were all taken by employees and dancers.

The cashier was efferent and friendly. Couldn't have asked for a better introduction.

It's a full bar but not well stocked. Don't expect to get your favorite brand. Bourbon is the American whiskey and, even in North Carolina, there are dozens of varieties from Coronal's Pride at the very low end to Knob Creek (9 y.o.) and Eliza Craig (18 y.o.) at the top end. Chester's had only a couple of medium grade whiskeys (Maker's Mark and Wild Turkey). Of course, the dancers are far more important than the whiskey. Heck, most of you drink Bud Lite ($6.00) anyway so it's not that important. The bar maid is worth looking at so buy your drinks at the bar.

The dancers were all good on stage and they all encourage Couch Dances which is understandable. No real pressure. The Couch Dance the Wize Old Man received was very tame even by North Carolina standards.


07/03 Not easily seen from High Point road, the Wize Old Man has passed within 100 yards of Chester's on numerous occasions without seeing Chester's. Oh, what he's missed!

Chester's is located in a stand alone building. The interior has a bit more modern that fits the WOM's personal tasted but it was well done right down to the black urinal. Excellent lighting. Excellent decor. Comfortable chairs. Excellent dancers.

VIP Room has a fire place. Seems a bit out of place for it to be lit in July but it does set a mood. Most VIP rooms have threadbare couches but not here.



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Chesters Gentlemens Club - Greensboro, NC






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