AA Entertainment, Hickory, NC

AA Entertainment

3610 US Highway 70 Sw, # B

Hickory, NC

phone: (828)328-4081




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11/09 I had never ventured into such a place , however, i understand why the review below was in all caps. I liked this place and was made to feel very comfortable and was well care for!


08/05 Id have to disagree with your review on Aalusions which is now AA Entertainment. In the past 2 years its went down hill majorly. All the way from the girls to the owner. I now run my own, and its way better than aa.

-- Atruffa


06/04 FYI, Aalusions in Hickory changed its name recently to AA Entertainment. I suppose that's why the domain (www.aalusions.com) is now for sale. The name change may have to do with change of management, but I'm not sure.

I went to Hickory last night and passed by AA Entertainment, but it was closed... no "service" on Sundays. I haven't been there since January, but every time I go there I have a good time. This is what I posted in another website a few months ago:

"Aalusions is one of a kind. It's VERY expensive, but it's worth every penny. What others say about this place is true... the more you go, the better the girls treat you. Go for the Ultimate, the most popular dance. I recommend Lilly, but have also heard from other sources that Felicia is amazing. From all the clubs I've been to in the East coast, Aalusions is my favorite."

You should check out AA Entertainment if you are ever in the Hickory area (and are willing to spend a lot of money in one place). You won't regret it. The place is understandably dry. If you want alcohol, better check The Playhouse with is down the road.

On another note, I like your website. My only suggestion is to remove the effect that appears after clicking on a link to read a review. It just takes forever to load each page (and I shouldn't complain... I have a DSL connection). Overall, great job with the reviews. Hope you get to review more places in the Charlotte area soon.

-- Name Withheld



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AA Entertainment - Hickory, NC






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