North Carolina Strip Club

Platinum Royal

2600 NC-86 N

Hillsborough, NC

phone 919-732-3811


Nude strip club.

18 and over.


Smoking Section.

Stage, Table, Couch, VIP/Private dances, Female Dancers

Everyone Welcome.

Couple Friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Biker friendly.

Parking for Trucks

Admission: $15.00/member, $20.00/non-member.

Dance cost: $20.00

Drinks: $3.00/soda


Thursday: 8:00 PM - 2:30 AM

Friday - Saturday: 8:00 PM - 4:00 AM

User Rating: Very Good




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05/12 This club is still open. I was there last night. Remove the closed comment

Platinum Royal has been listed as reopened since October of last year. Where did you see it marked closed? Also, the phone number you left is not the phone number on the club's website.

Under OPEN, the website only lists hours for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday yet list specials for every day of the week. ~ WOM


10/11 Cabaret Royale is still going strong (10/9/2011). Beautiful girls abound. Excellent customer service.
Royale is open 4 nights a week (Thur-Sun) from 8pm -3am and on all official holidays (Thanksgiving, Xmas, etc)


02/11 drove by today the sign now says "cabaret royale" open wed-sat @ 8pm it was early so they were not open yet but i'll keep checking

Cabaret Royal was the name before it became Platinum Royal. There website is gone and the domain name is for sale. While it's always possible they will reopen, it's unlikely. The Wize Old Man would be very surprised if any club would be allowed to open there. ~ WOM


08/10 This place was closed down last I looked. Building is still there and there's a side spotilight in the parking area. A group of men robbed the place and there was an innocent customer death and some injuries. Sad story. Don't know if it will reopen.

The shooting was back in March as I recall. Hadn't heard it was closed but do know their website is down. ~ WOM


08/09 We were at this club last night for a friend's birthday party, all I can say is one word LOVELY. Check it out.


08/09 The Platinum is now Platinum Royale, great club. We went for their grand opening and they had over 50 ladies. Check it out.


07/09 ... and yes this is the club where the girl from the Duke Lacrosse Scandal worked at. For evidence in this case a video was submitted with the alleged victim dancing there. The guy that owns this bar is the same man that always has.

This club has just underwent so many changes that its hard to keep up. They had a grand-reopening 6/29. It was not successful so they will be doing it again at the end of July 2009.

This club is out in the middle of nowhere (deer country). It has no promotion at all which is dumb being that it is one of the only clubs between Burlington and Durham. The manager/doorman is a jerk. Hardcore rap all nite no variety. There are a few talented and very beautiful girls there try PlayToy, Hypnotiq, and Body, on the other hand there are some dancers that will make you wonder how they got there.

Its worth a try.

It is the only club between Durham and Greensboro.

As for promotion, where? The local billboard company won't. The local paper won't. Now aware of anything locally that would be cost effective.

The club is hard to spot. I drove past it several times before spotting it.



01/07 I was there yesterday and they had about 25 girls. The club has five stages. They closed at 4.30 AM Great club


12/06 This club is great, nice friendly girls

Yes, this is the club that the dancer who accused the Duke Lacrosse team of rape worked at. The Wize Old Man has no opinion to the truth of the allegation. Let's all just calm down and wait to see what a jury says and not form opinions based on the press releases from the defense team or the news conferences by the DA.  - WOM




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Platinum Royal - Hillsborough, NC

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