Dreamers Night Club, Akron, OH

Dreamers Night Club

1110 Brittain Rd.

Akron, OH

phone: (330) 784-4446

Pasties strip club.

21 and up.


Full Bar.

No Smoking

Stage, table, couch, and VIP/Private dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Admission: free

Dance cost: $5.00 - $25.00

Drinks: $2.00/soda, $4.00/beer, $3.00/well

User rating: Very Good




Dreamers Night Club user reviews:


09/13 lots of hot sexy girls. talked to shane/amanda/summer/roxy. all cool chix. will def be back for cheap booze and fine ladies


09/13 beers were 2/$4 from 4-7 so good deal. dancers were hot. lots of girls kinda too many- wondering how having 10 girls before 5pm made any of these ladies any $$$. only a few customers were in i think they need to draw in more business by :
theme nights
dance deals

drinks need to be regular bar priced(every club around there is a $5/beer)

saw poster for golf outing. sounds stupid- too expensive and poorly advertised.


09/13 too many black girls!!!!! walked in coun!ldnt find one white girl! never again

Really? Go wash your brain out with soap then sit in the corner the rest of the month and think about what you said! ~WOM


09/13 ame in with friend and my son to celebrate ym boys 21st b day. talked with a couple of thicker whtie girls who gave amazing dances. one girl hung out with us almost our entire stay. talking about school and stories and telling jokes. only funny stripper ive ever met. but this girl was as sweet as apple pie. i recommend her VIP dances(summer). when she was heading out she gave us all hugs and told us to come back. then saw girl with really long hair and great body on stage (amanda). nicest girl ever. have never been to a place where the dancers were as sweet and personable as they are here.


09/13 I went here recently figuring i would try a new club and was taken care of by the beautiful blonde bartender.A small black girl talked to me for awile DOLLy was her name gave me a barside dance then left. A young dancer approached me and immediatly struck up a nice conversation. after about ten minutes asked if i wanted to dance. was named SUMMER. got another dance from an athletic type that i saw on the pole, AMANDA, then from an older sexy gal named SHANE. some girls there were too snarky and rude for my taste. but i feel like i got to dance with a little bit of everything and i liked the variety. will definetly be back.




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Dreamers Night Club, Akron, OH

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