Mouse's Ear Johnson City Tennessee

Mouse's Ear

6405 Kingsport Hwy

Johnson City, TN

phone: (423) 477-0254

club website

Nude strip club.

You must be over 21.

Beer only.

No food.

Stage, table, and couch dances. Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Biker friendly.

Admission: $10.00

Dance cost: $30.00

Drink cost: $2.50/soda, $4.50/beer.

User rating: A



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11/11  Mouse's Ear has a $3 off admission coupon on their website. You must print this out, as they will not accept it if you show it on your iPhone as you enter. Bud Light is 4.25 per can, Yngling is 5.25 per bottle, and they have several other brands in bottles like Guinness and Corona [hey this place gets the 25 cents part right for the bar tips]. I think whiskey is BYOB, but not sure. Classy club, hot girls, and truly cold beer. Almost all the girls are all natural (love it!). A few have tattoos, most have no ink. No touching allowed at all during dances, so no friction or grinding going on here. They have put one TV back up now for showing sports. Had been a while since I went here, but I went twice in October and was treated well both times.

First time was a slow Wednesday night. Only about 7 girls working, they all looked great. Only about 10 guys in attendance. Music was about 1/3 hard rock, 1/3 dance, and 1/3 electronic/techno and was more for what the girls wanted for their stage time. For stage dances it was one girl on one stage. Most girls just got up and kind of walked around the pole and didn't really dance much since it was a slow night with low tips at the stage. For anyone who put in an effort and actually did some good pole dancing, I made sure to tip a few extra dollars to try to encourage the other girls to put in a better effort but it did not work this time. I spent most of the evening talking to Caramel who is a student at the local college. She was hot and smart. Her major is what I got my degree in, so we actually had a pleasant, intelligent conversation going between table dances. I liked her a lot and she regularly offered to do table/couch dances but was not pushy about it.

The second time was on a busy weekend night. Music was 1/2 hard rock and 1/2 dance and more patron-oriented instead of playing what the dancers wanted. At least 20 girls were working and probably about 60 guys along with 4 female patrons were in there. I would say two of the dancers were "8's" and the others were "9's" out of 10, with some coming close to a "10". Three different stages were going, always with a girl on each stage for nude dances. I tipped frequently at the stage and no one was pushy about buying couch dances or drinks. I would tip a little more than the expected $1 per song, and was getting a lot more "face time" from the girls compared to what they were giving the other $1-per-song-guys around the stage. The extra attention and views I received was well worth the occasional extra $1 I gave. The regular couch price is supposed to be $30. But on 2-for-1 dances some of the girls said the price was $35 for 2 songs. Since there is no grinding on couch dances (all in the open, as they have no true private dancing area), and with the set up of the stage, you get just as good of a view from the stage as you do at the couch. So during 2-for-1 specials I offered the girls $15 to stay on the stage for 2 songs. They all accepted for either $15 or $20, so I got a better deal and saved some money, and got just as good a view as the guys spending full price on the couches. Since it was busy and I stayed at the stage a lot, none of the girls sat down and stayed for a chat for any significant amount of time, which was fine since there were so many hot babes rotating around the stages.

On both visits the hostess at the door was really sweet and had that natural southern charm friendliness. She looked at the ID but did not scan it. And the DJ was good. The only time I heard him talk was when he called out the girls names and announced the 2-for-1 specials. He just played the songs to keep the stage dances moving and he would play song requests. Didn't ramble on like DJs in some places I've been to. Overall I enjoyed it both times and would like to go back again sometime.


09/10 This club is very cool, cold beer and hot babes, You should visit this place it is awesome. The girls are very good at their jobs, and quite friendly. All are very personable and needless to say If you take good cash, you get great results. You aren't allowed to touch , but that's expected, the club is professionally operated and You will be treated well.


03/09 All the girls were hot. Most had natural breasts, which I prefer even if they are a bit smaller. It is now a regular topless bar instead of an "exotic sports bar", so no more televisions on the wall to watch ballgames. Most girls were friendly and stopped to chat. No touching allowed during the private dances.




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Mouse's Ear Johnson City Tennessee


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